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For Laughter. For Encouragement. For Inspiration.

29 September 2010

On being a writer...

tryin' to find an agent. yes, i'm about to enter THAT world. been thinkin' about what makes a writer. is it the ability to say something well, to say for others what they wish they could say, or is it just the ability to say well what others wished they would have thought to say?

i consider myself a writer, but i've been pondering how i reached that conclusion. i've had a few articles published in my church's former magazine, and have written some great papers in college and grad school. but, do those things make me a writer? obviously i think so. :)

i've been a writer all my life really. i remember the joy i felt upon receiving my first diary at nine yrs. old. it had a lock and everything! i still keep one, but of course since i am now a grown-up, it is a "journal." but, i think the POWER of the written word (sayin' something AND sayin' it well) became apparent to me when i was getting a post-bac teaching certification in english when i was 24, and a racist english teacher accused me of not writing a paper because the "diction and syntax were too good" (yeah, she really said that to me). she really made me realize just how well i could write. so well, in fact, that it would appear i didn't even write it. :)

so, i'll include you on my journey of getting published. i have so many books in my head just waiting to be birthed that are sooo tired of gestating in the crevices of my mind.

first stop, picture books. yeah, picture books. my sons are my muse and my reason why. stay tuned...

I've been outsmarted...

my son conned me the other day---now, whether it was planned or unintentional remains to be seen, but it is kinda funny. we've been working on writing. he's gotten so much better with writing upper and lower case, and i love that he loves to learn. well, he was having "imagination time" and just out of the blue asked me if i'd help him write a big X. not a capital X, mind you, but an X that reached from corner to corner on the paper.

i was internally soooo excited. i thought he was creating his own collection of large letters to put on his wall to help him get that much closer to reading. i was even more excited when he just HAD to have my husband (lou) help him put it on the wall. but, he wanted it on the outside of his door for some reason. thinking that a bit odd, but glad he was posting his letters, i just smiled.

well, the next day as i was cooking breakfast, jacob (4 yrs) closed the door on his little brother (hudson-11 months) who was toddling his way toward the room. he immediately opened the door, and upon seeing hudson turning away from the door and toddling in another direction, yelled "IT WORKS!" i quickly admonished him for closing the door in his little brother's face, and said, "what works jacob?" he replied, "my X! it's to keep people out of my room!"


23 September 2010

Deep Discoveries - What's in a Name?

Been thinkin' this week about the names of God. My pastor has begun his series on the names of God and just wanted to share...

Pastor Tony Evans:

"One of the primary ways God has helped us to see Him clearly is through His names."

Elohim = Power
a) God is the only one who can create something from nothing.
b) God doesn't need the visible to show you the visible. He can create from the invisible.
c) is a plural word (more than one person although 1 God)
d) greater than the sum total of His creation (i.e. galaxies). He exists in a WHOLE nother dimension for us.
e) When you see "God" in the Bible. This is the meaning behind the name.

I AM = Jehovah = Yahweh = YWHW = LORD ("capital L capital O capital R capital pastor said) = Revelatory/Personal Name

a)Pastor went into the background of how I AM or YWHW was a name that was so sacred, Jewish Rabbi's never spoke it to not mistake it, misuse it, or use it in vain.
b)is the self-revealed, self-declared, sacred name of God.
c)vowels were added (Yahweh) to keep the essence of the name, but could now be said.
d)Jehovah, is the English translation.
e)name He told to Moses from the bush which was on fire but not burning
f)from "to be"; is written twice;"to be" is to exist-so, God says to Moses by saying "I AM that I AM sent you" , "Tell them (in translation) the One who exists because He exists, sent you."
g) God is the only one who has no preceding influences to cause Him to be or external factors to continue to be.
h)only self-generating being in the universe who can go to Himself to get what He needs...totally self-sufficient within Himself.
i)"I AM" also = present tense (no yesterday or tomorrow)--no linear recognition of time which is why you can trust him because he's already in is the now. And, even though you're not in His dimension, you can touch His dimension if you know His name.

I recommend purchasing the DVD ( I only gave a glimpse of all that Pastor discussed...and this is only the beginning.

I now understand in my NIV translation, that when I read "God", it is referring to the power of God (i.e. the creator of the universe, creating the heavens and the earth), but when I see LORD, it is when God is revealing himself in a relational way.

Hope this blesses you!

17 September 2010

Return to Eden...

wow! i hadn't realized how long it's been since i've blogged. i've been all about facebook, but i'm glad to be back to share more of what god is revealing to me about himself, about me, and about life. he is just soooo awesome!

was at the library with the kiddos and kinda skimmed over debbie allen's picture book about a young girl who loved to dance (ballet), but didn't fit the mold of what she believed most people consider a dancer. but, the first page said something like this, "from the time i was a little girl i wanted to dance. i saw dancing in the way the trees swayed, the clouds moved...etc..."(i really believe i just made that up, but it was something like that). "dancing was all around me and in me. dancing was me." (or something to that effect)

but, that's how i feel about writing, poetry, and even god's presence. i saw a story in every event, and god's presence in all things natural. my family can attest to the vivid stories i tell. and as far as seeing god's presence in everything--i remember it being very hot outside once when i was a little girl. then, suddenly, from out of nowhere, there was this cool breeze. i literally felt like god just walked up and blew his breath to fan me...stuff like that. :)

so, i'm back to blogging. cuz i just wanna share my view...with you. i'm going to try and diligently post 2x (at least) a week. thoughts are not the barrier to my writing, time is. but, now i have you to hold me accountable. :) i look forward to our dialogue...