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For Laughter. For Encouragement. For Inspiration.

06 November 2013

Life Words: Day 4- "Clearly Seen"


This is my final word...for now.  :)  It is so amazing to me how a small activity can stretch you and give you a greater outlook than what you had before.  Searching for words in their untouched, natural state started off as a fun game with my sons, but became a personal challenge to stretch myself and an opportunity to understand the Lord a little better.

Huh? How did looking for words stretch me and help me understand the Lord better?

Well, I'm glad you asked! :)  It was hard y'all!  Some of the letters took forever!  And, I at times became like the boys with, "We can't find 'E'!!! Mommy! WE DON'T SEE THE LETTERS!!!!!" Then something amazing happened...I prayed.

Life Words: Day 3


Can you see it?

Life Words: Day 2...

Hope (from the Science museum)

Can you see it? Okay, so my abstract "p" was a stretch, but it works! :)

I think I've found my new calling... :)

I recently read an article about finding words in nature with your children.  A while back, the boys and I read a picture book by a photographer (whose name I've forgotten :(  ) who found letters and numbers in random items.  It was amazing!  This project reminded me of that book, so I decided we could look for letters in a word on our various excursions.

This, our first one, was at a park. The word is "Thanks!"  Can you see it? I posted our findings to Facebook, and now it's just become a thing!  So fun!

The "T" shot is my favorite.  I just think that's an absolutely fabulous shot of the boys playing together. My second favorite is the "!". Some tweens were having cheerleading practice, and it was so awesome to see an exclamation point!