For Laughter. For Encouragement. For Inspiration.

For Laughter. For Encouragement. For Inspiration.

04 December 2013

A Clean Sweep

This is just one section of the many leaves my sons and I raked up this past Sunday.  There were more beyond the fence in the driveway, in the front yard...basically EVERYWHERE!

I took a picture because this is what I encountered the DAY AFTER I had just gathered the same amount of leaves!  Now, initially, I thought raking/sweeping leaves is an effort in futility, but I'm one of those weird person's who loves the mundane (think washing dishes, vacuuming) because it is the perfect time for me to pray and commune with God. This was one of those times...

As I swept, and swept, and swept, God began to show me how my initial reaction to sweeping leaves the day after I had just raked and swept is much like how the Christian walk feels at times--an effort in futility. Let's say your being a Christian who's trying to follow God's precepts and live a life worthy of the faith you profess represents the broom.  And, let's say the continual mocking of your faith, wickedness you encounter, and the advancement of people around you who don't follow the Lord represents the leaves.  You are seemingly the continual lone frontrunner constantly working to clean up around you that which you know needs tidying.  Yes, it's hard work. Yes, there are many more of them than there is of you. Yes, you wonder if your efforts are futile and your energy is wasted.  Yes, the very thing you cleaned up yesterday may return ten-fold tomorrow....sweep anyway! Do it anyway!

Why? Because your presence, your efforts, swept away those leaves hanging around THAT day--no matter that they would return tomorrow.